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Black Brown Boho
August 2, 2015

Black Brown Boho

The triple B. BLACK • BROWN • BOHO.  How to manage to combine the two colors everyone is afraid to put together?! Well, at first I tought that black and brown arent meant to become one. But as i started playing with my style more often, I figured it's time to try this combination.  My […]

Lace it up
July 21, 2015

Lace it up

One of the hottest trends this season is no other then the lace up sandals. It comes in all kinds of shapes- the classic gladiators, the more feminine ones such as the one's Valentino launched.  You could notice them on almost every runway and it girl out there. (Chloé and their #Chloegirls, Valentino with their mermaid collection […]

Tel Aviving
July 16, 2015

Tel Aviving

When you live in the center of the city, you need to keep up with the urban style. Even if just for a cup of coffee down the block.  I wanted to put on my casual, comfort, summer suitable look, yet being stylish enough for the city. lucky for me Rami Lee is out with […]

Rock That Glam
July 14, 2015

Rock That Glam

Its Summer Time. And here in Tel Aviv the weather is too Hot to handle. So when it comes to outfits you need to find the perfect way to keep it stylish yet light and weather suitable. The Stylish shopping website www.ROCKGLAM.co.il had it all ! Light and chic chlothes that maches perfectly to our […]

Spring • Summer
July 12, 2015

Spring • Summer

Combining bow tie shorts with lace up sandals, And a Wool tank top. A great combination for a summer look with a twist. My colors for the season are all kind of shades of white, green and brown. And of course adding to it a splash of color such as Red or orange! You can […]

<!--:en-->Vintage Prague <!--:-->
June 3, 2015

Vintage Prague

Prague is all about the view. Any places we visited, any road we end up wandering was pure magic. Prague is the only city remained fully authentic in Europe post WWII. All the structures are still alive making the city looks like a movie set, and we are its characters. We stayed at Prague for […]

<!--:en-->She-ra Jewels<!--:-->
April 30, 2015

She-ra Jewels

In a lovely midweek morning, i went to the jewerly studio of She-ra, a designer that her passion is to create something that everyone can relate to, and yet keeping it chic, unique with her own vintagey signature. Her studio (& store) is in this little pretty street in the center of Neve Tzedek neiborhood […]

April 5, 2015


Few moments before the cool weather is really leaving us, let me share with you this cute half winter half spring outfit. great lightning, great area, and great outfit is the greatest combination for a spontaneous photo shoot.

March 14, 2015


For a few moments I’ve decided to become the mighty Karl Lagerfeld! Last weekend was Purim- the jewish Halloween, Holiday of costumes. Though, through the holiday I’ve changed few costumes in several parties, the main one was my very own interpretation of the Legend of Fashion- K.L. I saved the Best for last, and went […]

Suddenly Grey
March 4, 2015

Suddenly Grey

After Sunny Sturday, its kind of upsetting to wake up to grey skies and chilly weather. But instead of feeling down and hide under my blanket, I decided to take full advantage of this weather and make this day count! Since i did manage to get out of bed, you know..! I decided to blend […]

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