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Crazy Morning with Crazy Line
January 11, 2015

Crazy Morning with Crazy Line

CrazyLine fashion team. Where they introduced their new sport line collection. I was the youngest blogger there, but that didn’t stop me from making a lot of new blogger friends and have a great morning!
Each of us got a full look from the collection and we started dancing! I cant say i wasn’t embarrassed… I love dancing but i have no mention of coordination ! So at the middle of class I decided its better for me to take pictures of it than being in it!

And now the important part, The Clothes! The collection is Super pretty and flattering to the woman body! I have the guitar shape body and my bootie look totally delicious in it 馃槈 further more the clothes are not to overwhelming but also not boring! When I’m training i like to feel beautiful so ill have the motivation to keep moving! And in that outfit i felt totally chic and ready to kick ass!
Thank you CrazyLine for a great motivation for sport with your fashion!




looking goofie i know... BUT THE SHOES! (Stella McCartney)

looking goofie i know…
BUT THE SHOES! (Stella McCartney)

Motivated before class

Motivated before class

The moment i've realized i neet to quit.

The moment i’ve realized i neet to quit.

They Dance. I Capture.

They Dance. I Capture.


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