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August 18, 2014


Pastel colorfulness, round perfect shape, and sweet taste that will make you forget all your troubles away for a few magical bites. The Macaron is the It food of the season. It seems like anywhere you’ll look, you’ll ran into this pretty cookie. Every fashion blog, Instagram account or at your regular coffee place. How this simple sweet managed to conquer the fashion world?! Well for me it’s all about the inspiration. When I see it all can think about is how cute it would look sewed to my skirt or attached to my hat. I can imagine a thousand ways to express it in fashion- interpretation of its colors, shape or even taking the real thing and play with it on set, in an “avant-gardeish” way.


macaron1 Kenzo-Macaron-Bags-41 photo 2 (11)


photo 1 (13)


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